A Little About Mandi


Affectionately known as "Mandi",  Amanda is a mother, former carnival bandleader/costume designer, and carnival enthusiast. She was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland to Trinidadian parents. From a very young age she showed a keen interest in the creative arts and in 2008 she formed a carnival band called "We Fete". Since that time she was able to hone in on her artistic inclinations and thus began her love affair with carnival.


6 things that Googlers want to know about Mandi:


  • She's a Libra and fits most of the common traits as she loves all things beautiful and luxurious.

  • She loves soca and reggae but is also a hip-hop head.

  • Prefers sneakers over heels all day.

  • She has had a life-long dream of being a contestant on Jeopardy.

  • She is a 'career student'-always studying something.

  • She has an adorable son!


About Mandi's Motif


Mandi’s Motif is carnival lifestyle brand and marketing company. Through mas, fashion, beauty, music, and fitness, Mandi’s Motif hopes to inspire the world to take part in the art form that is Carnival.


Costume design is an integral part of carnival and Mandi’s goal is to showcase the work of designers and bands worldwide in an unbiased fashion. Mandi’s Motif is also the preeminent destination for carnival do-it-yourselfers. Through tutorials, Mandi’s Motif provides step-by-step instructions as well as inspiration for carnival enthusiast.


Still, Carnival is about much more than just costumes! Soca music is an equally important aspect and through artist highlights, Mandi aims to further spread awareness of Soca music internationally. The carnival lifestyle is not for the faint of heart--it involves travel, fitness, fetes, and fashion. Join Mandi on her journey around the globe as she brings you the latest must-haves that you will need for your carnival adventure.