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Mondaywear Misses

Carnival Tuesday was full of bold colors, beautiful costumes, and beautiful people. However, some of these elements were lacking on Carnival Monday. With the growth in popularity of Mondaywear (MW), it was surprising to see that most women opted for a t-shirt or tank with the name of the section or band they were playing in. Still, it’s understandable that going all out on Carnival Monday can add some unwanted expense to the already high cost of playing mas but why miss out on another chance to play dress up.

The band I played with initially advertised that Mondaywear was complimentary with the purchase of a costume. This was not the case but I’ll delve into this further when I write a review for the band. At any rate, the choices for MW for my section were from two purple monokinis. I knew that I was not going to be wearing the MW offered, as monokini styles are not particularly flattering on my body type. I immediately started scouring the internet for two-piece swimwear that would be more flattering, more unique, and that would complement my costume.

After a few days of searching I finally found a great option on Amazon.com. It was a hot- pink, two-piece, fringed, hi-waist bikini. The cost was approximately $13.98. I must say that I was a little nervous about the product arriving on time as it was shipped from China, so the estimated shipping time said that it could up to 20 days. Fortunately for me it only took a week to arrive. For the most part, I was happy with my purchase it fit as expected but the fringe as pictured on the model was not as long and the halter straps were not as thick. To spice it up my find, I simply added a mix of purple, pink, and clear rhinestones to the sweetheart part of the bra, on the fringe, and on the side panels on the bottom piece. To top it off I wore the collar part of my costume.

Pulling together a MW look doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars, all together my MW cost me approximately $16. I was able to set myself apart from everyone in my section and band.