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Carnival Hacks (Part One)

A carnival hack is something that did or will make future carnival experiences much more enjoyable.


These shoes truly changed my life this carnival season!!! I was able to keep it sexy but comfortable AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. They were super versatile as I was able to rock them with a few different looks. I purchased some from Charlotte Russe for about $20 something bucks. I opted for these in most instances versus a flat sandal because I don't particularly care for the feeling of grass and dirt on my heels. Life changing--True Story!!!

Secret Stash Bra

I wish I had discovered this sooner. Sometimes I just don't feel like carrying a clutch or wristlet when going to a fete or even when playing mas. It's big enough to carry ID, cash, and some lip gloss. You can find this on amazon.com


I don't do heels at events where I have to stand up for hours on end outdoors but some ladies do--not judging you. I found these on Pinterest and I think they are a brilliant idea. I mean how many times have your heels gotten stuck in the dirt? They also serve as a heel protectant...Is it just me or is the concrete in Town (P.O.S) extra hard? You can find these at https://www.thesolemates.com/

Knicker Sticker

I have to put this out there...I saw a lot of ladies with underwear showing underneath their bikini bottoms and boyshorts. That is definitely a fashion faux pas!!! If you feel like you need that extra barrier, you should opt for this snazzy item below called a kicker sticker. It helps with CT and VPL...

I hope this helps!!!

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