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My Faves! Trinidad Carnival 2K16

I finally put together a list of standout costume designs from each "noteworthy" band for Trinidad Carnival 2016. I want to stress noteworthy because there are more bands out there but finding information on their presentations is difficult. Even for some of the bands on this list, it was hard to find who designed the section or who photographed the pictures. I defintely think that bands should make sure they clearly credit designers and photographers on their sites. All that aside, I'm loving many of the designs for this carnival season.

I'd love to know what you think about my picks! What are your faves? Who are you playing mas with? Which section? Talk to me...


Section: Honey

Designed by: Solange Govia

Photographed by: Scully Photography

Theme: The Secret Garden

I love the fact that you don't have to guess why this section is called honey. The incorporation of the honey combs into the backpack is genius!

Dreamteam Carnival

Section: Peruvian Sunset

Theme: Magic Carpet Ride

I love the color scheme!

Entice Carnival

Section: Riches of the Spirit

Designed by: Kathryn Inniss & Laura Narayansingh

Theme: Lavish

How sexy, sultry and seductive is the section? Would it be wrong to wear as lingerie? #love #givesmelife

Fantasy Carnival

Section: Ife

Designed by: R & A Productions

Theme: I WI5H

The arrangement of the feathers for the wings are amazing! The color scheme is everything and so appropo because this design is FIRE!

Harts Carnival

Section: Pret A Porte

Designed by: Gerald Hart

Photographed by: Gerald Hart

Theme: Vogue

I love the gold hardware on the first layer and the lapis blue--Freaking GORG!

Island People Mas

Section: The Guardian of Love Designed by: Brandon Phillip Photographed by: Antony Scully

Theme: Pantheon

The name for this section is so appropo! The pink blends make me think romance and this costume just happens to be in my top three for this season.

K2K Alliance & Partners

Section: Mother Shangri-La

Designed by: Kathy and Karen Norman

Photographed by: Gary Jordan Photography Theme: Searching for Shangri-La

I want to get married TODAY just so I can wear this dress!!!


Section: Life is Love

Theme: Life

How cute is the backpack that strategically

frames the backside? Peek-a-boo

Paparazzi Carnival

Section: Chic Le Freak

Theme: Disco Inferno

I adore the fabric and beading on the first layer for this section!

Passion Carnival

Section: Mino

Designed by: Sonia Mack

Theme: Amazon

I literally tasted the rainbow. COLORS COLORS COLORS! This costume is also a top pick for this season.

Petle Mas

Section: Gypsy

Theme: The Alchemist

There is something about this costume that I really like! It's always refreshing to see a pretty costume without feathers.

Ronnie and Caro

Section: Tears of the Motherland

Theme: Tears of...

I defintely think Africa when I see this costume. The blend of colors is quite unique in a fabulous way.

The Lost Tribe

Section: Pretty Mas

Designed by: Shawn Dhanraj

Photographed by: Laura Ferreira

Theme: Spirit of the Savannah

First, I have to applaud Tribe for the departure from BBF's. The flower petal collar is amazing and so is the fabric--this design gets an A+.


Section: Black Widow

Designed by: Solange Govia

Photographed by: Ikenna Douglas

Theme: The Forbidden

If this list were ranked this costume would be in the #1 spot. I'm a sucker for well done black costumes. This design is all the way right. Kudos to Solange Govia!


Section: Icebreakers

Designed by: Marie Collette

Photographed by: Frame Photography

Theme: Indulge

I love the colors, beading, and the first layer on this design. Beautiful!

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