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Trinidad Carnival Fete Review 2016


This year was my first time attending Mental. I have no complaints at all about this fete! The music was on point, the food was decent, and the bars were reachable for most of the evening. The people that came to the event were very spirited--many of them wore construction costumes to match the theme. The entry price was appropriate for my experience. The location was poolside at a hotel and it was pretty cool, a steep walk, but a cool location nonetheless! I would definitely attend this party again. Well done Trini Jungle Juice!!!

Beach House

I'm not sure where to begin with this party...this was my second time attending. I attended last year and had an awesome experience, so this party was on my must attend list for this year. The biggest issue with Beach House this year was the location.

First of all, the location of the party was not easy to find. In that you couldn't Google it or find the address on the Beach House website. I understand trying to keep non-ticketed traffic at bay BUT trying to find the address was ridiculous!

Second, trying to get to the venue was a nightmare! Keep in mind that we arrived at the event relatively early, if not for the gas station fire we might have been the first people to arrive lol. Anyways, we were instructed that if you were getting dropped off by a driver, that you could be dropped off directly at the event. Meanwhile, attendees that were driving were supposed to park at an off-site location. Our driver attempted to drop us off at the first entry point, only to be turned around by security and instructed to drop us off at an awaiting shuttle more than a mile away. We boarded a shuttle only to be taken back to the party location #stuuueepps

When we finally arrived at the location, we saw people waiting at a secondary entry point for a shuttle to take them the rest of the way. It was a logistical nightmare to say the least! By the time the shuttles arrived at the secondary entry point, there wasn't enough space to pick up extra passengers. Meanwhile, attendees really could have walked to the gates from the secondary entry point instead of waiting on a freaking shuttle.

Confused already?!?!?!?

The actual location was in the bush...no water not even a pond was in sight! We were literally a big space heavily surrounded by trees. I don't know what happened with the location from last year but they definitely need to go back there. Not only was it in the woods but it was on a blasted hill. Apparently, no one took into account that ladies come to Beach House in fancy frocks and heels. I had on my flat forms so I was okay! However, there were plenty ladies there walking like cats on hot ashes. A MESS!

Besides the HORRIBLE location the party itself was alright. The music was fine, the food/drinks were fine, and the "powder room" area was decent. Last year it was magical for me, this year not so much. Unless they switch locations and sweeten the deal for $200+, I will probably attend another party on that day.

Sunny Side Up

This year was my second time going to Sunny Side Up. I really enjoyed this party but I think that they should change the location. The toilet situation was very very sketchy. It was held at a school and the toilets stopped working-ewe! There were mobile toilets but umm-ewe! I personally don't like mobile toilets. Still, the food and drinks were on point. The performances were great--Ricardo Drue, Patrice Roberts, Hypasounds, and Lord Nelson made appearances. The only reason why I will not be attending this party next year is because I want to try one of the other breakfast fetes.

A.M. Bush

Sadly, I did not get tickets to this party!!! This was the only other event on my must attend list and I wasn't able to score a ticket. I must say that the ticketing process for some of these events is extremely frustrating.

From the committee bullshit, to registering to be picked to buy a ticket, it's all ridiculous. I'm of the notion that tickets should be sold on a first come-first served basis. I'm not quite sure why it isn't done this way--if you know why please inbox me.

That's all I have...not sure where the wind will blow me next year. Mostly likely a breakfast fete, hopefully AM Bush, maybe C'est La Vie, we shall see...

Which fetes do you recommend I check out in 2017?