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Give It Up for the Big Girls!

As a full-figured beauty I can certainly appreciate the fact that more bands and costume designers are making sections specifically for full-figured women. Kudos to them--I can't wait to see the bigger bands follow suit!!! That said, special attention to fit is so important. From my experience "we" not only have to look good "we" must SLAY. Unfortunately, it's not enough to look okay because before anyone notices how pretty your face is or how beautiful your soul is, they check for the body. Still, I've seen some plus size models that are in costumes that are not appropriate for their body type. Here are a few things to keep in mind...

Stockings are a must if cellulite/blemishes are a problem--no matter your size.

A bustier is a great option if you want a two piece that'll give you more tummy coverage. Make sure that the it is blinged out to perfection.

If you have a big bust you should probably re-think a monokini without wire support. Moreover, monokinis tend to accentuate the waist in a not so good way.

Back up costume pieces are always a good idea. I especially like to provide my own bra tops to designers, that way I know it fits my bust just right! I hate to bullet bras :( My favorite go to website for this sort of thing is www.yandy.com

A high-waist panty is pretty much always a safe bet.