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Who will win The 2017 Road March title?

Trinidad's carnival is in about two weeks and there is so much Soca music invading our eardrums. When the 2017 carnival season was still young, Olatunji's "Bazu" immediately struck a chord with me. The first time I heard it, I immediately wanted to put down a stink wine in the middle of the road--pure pace. Still, I know that Bazu will likely not win Road March because there are a few other bangers that have dropped since its release.

As I type this, Machel dropped his Road March hope at 6am this morning entitled "Beat It." I love the incorporation of the steel pan in the arrangement of this song and the lyrics are on point. Shal Marshall's "Dip" on the Force It Riddim is also a strong contender. Action oriented Soca songs are always a crowd-pleaser..."Palance"...."Movin"..."Get Something and Wave" you get where I'm going.

Still, there is one song that is standing out as a favorite among many this season! I personally think that a Road March victory is in the bag for The Ultimate Rejects and their hit song "Full Extreme." I don't want to jinx anything but this tune has all of the makings of a Road March victory. The production is awesome, it's action oriented, and it says that in the face of hard times--we will still be resilient. Simply put it gets the people going-

So, there you have it folks! Remember this blog is about Road March only, there are several other songs that I'm loving for this carnival season. Look out for my top ten countdown on YouTube after carnival.

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