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Worldwide Carnivals are Lit!

Picture Courtesy of Courtney Chen for Insane Carnival. Designer: Janna Henry, Model & MUA: Latisha Green.

Worldwide carnivals are lit. I have been so busy doing research on all these carnivals and bands that it has been hard for me to keep up with the other aspects of my blog-like actually blogging.

It seems that every Caribbean country and many major U.S. cities have a carnival, so could you imagine the sheer volume of costume production happening?! This is exciting because it means growth for the cultural art-form.

The crazy thing about all this growth, is that although Trinidad is my ancestral home, I could miss carnival there and catch it in a few other countries and not feel a way. Just think that the same designers and bands that are native to Trinidad are also delving into other carnivals across the world. In many cases the costumes are at less expensive price point and the fetes are too. The are so many other carnivals that I have yet to experience and I'm trying to find the time and budget to go to every last one, that said...

My questions to you are:

  1. Do you feel like Trinidad is still a must attend carnival?

  2. What other carnivals do you want to experience?

  3. What other carnivals have you experienced? Why did you like it or not like it?

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