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Paparazzi is Litty!

Paparazzi delights us once again with their 2018 presentation titled "Nomadik Nation." I absolutely loved the styling for their 2018 theme, the tribal make-up and outdoor photography all helped to bring this global experience to life. This year's presentation consist of eleven sections and Mondaywear with the option of a two-piece or monokini.

There are two sections that are my favorites, Negasi Rebels and Campeche. The Negasi Rebels monokini is EVERYTHING! It's sexy, blinged out, cut out, sheer perfection, with coverage in all the right places. The Negasi Rebels monokini is a triple threat--Mondaywear, resortwear, and a costume in one. I always appreciate a carnival costume that I can get multiple wears out of. This section was designed by Soca artist, Lil Bitts and Afiya Bishop.

Another standout from their presentation is the Campeche section. The wings on the Campeche section give me life! The design of the wings for ALL 3 sections are colorful and unique. The best part about the wings is that it is also offered as part of the male costume package as well. This option is sure to make some male masqueraders very happy, as male sections don't always include the same level of detail as female sections. Campeche was designed by Alejandro Gomez. Overall, Paparazzi's presentation is beautiful and well thought out! I can't wait to see Paparazzi on the road for 2018! To see more of Paparazzi's presentation, please visit: www.paparazzicarnival.com

All photos are courtesy of iDouglas Photography www.idouglasphoto.com

Campeche designed by Alejandro Gomez

Negasi Rebels Designed by Lil Bitts and Afiya Bishop

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