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In Awe of The Lost Tribe

For Trinidad Carnival 2018, The Lost Tribe offers us an array of exquisitely designed costumes that are a nice departure from bikinis, beads, and feathers. There are so many aspects

about this presentation that I love. Let's start with the beautifully narrated back story of the Seven sisters. This short film helped to breathe so much life into this presentation, that I became immersed in this romantic tragedy. The make-up provided by MAC cosmetics was also an added bonus! I loved that it was used for the styling of the male costumes.

Still, I am in awe of the Scarlet costume designed by Atiba Borde. This costume is absolutely stunning-the sash, the lace, the flowers, EVERYTHING. I can see myself wearing this costume while drinking a Grand Mimosa at brunch with some Manolo Blahnik stilettos on my feet. I know I know, I'm taking it too far as usual but I love this costume. I'm also fond of the Aurora section as the colors of the cover-up are so beautiful! Aurora was designed by JP Richardson.

Let's not forget the adorable four-legged friends used in most of the photos--such a cute addition. Overall, The Lost Tribe has a strong presentation for 2018, I can't wait to see them on the road. To see the entire presentation please visit: http://www.losttribecarnival.com/our-costumes/

The Lost Tribe Trailer: https://youtu.be/OlMJVc8-Igw

Photographs courtesy of Laura Ferreira Studios


Scarlet designed by Atiba Borde

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