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The 2018 presentation from Bliss has me feeling just so - Blissful! I would say that they have the best overall presentation of all the bands that have launched so far. All 11 sections are ornate, sexy, and luxurious.

Like many of the other design efforts this carnival season, one-piece offerings for Bliss absolutely SLAY! My favorites from them include Alta Moda and Vicere'. I'm not sure what kind of voodoo went into the making of Alta Moda, but I'm telling you all now, it is going in the top costume picks video for 2018. The floral embroidery is giving me all sorts of life. I just want to lay out on someone's yacht on the French Riviera in this costume. This masterpiece was designed by Tobye and Shoma.

Not to be out done, Vicere' is serving all kinds of royal and angelic goodness. The color combination works beautifully and the leg pieces are stunning. This section was designed by Shawn Dhanraj.

I can't wait to see Bliss on the road in 2018 or play mas with Bliss lol. To view the rest of the presentation, please visit http://www.blisscarnival.com

All photographs are courtesy of Ikenna Douglas and Laura Ferreira.

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