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Rogue Carnival Seeks to Innovate!

Sweeping change is on the horizon as Rogue Carnival seeks to bring masqueraders a next level carnival experience. I would describe Rogue Carnival as the love child of Caesar's Army and Tribe, two well-known powerhouses in the carnival and fete industries. So what sets Rogue Carnival apart? Well for starters, they are changing up traditional start and end times for Jumbies like myself. Monday mas will begin at 12n and end at 10p, at the "Bachannal ROGUE" site. On Tuesday, festivities will begin at 10a with a brunch and will end with Las Lap, where Rogue will join the rest of the Tribe family. Moreover, Rogue offers one male costume option that will accompany all of the female sections. Furthermore, masqueraders will no longer have to worry about getting in their section when it's time to cross the stage! Rogue has nine beautiful sections from designers such as Tracy Boyce, Lauren Austin, and Kirk Thomas. My favorite section from their 2018 presentation is Raven designed by Valmiki Maharaj. I love the feather work and neon colors incorporated in the design. I also like the Risque section designed by Richard and Anthony. I can't wait to see Rogue on the road and to hear about their alternative carnival experience! To view the rest of the presentation, please visit http://www.carnivalrogue.com All photographs are courtesy of Laura Ferreira Photography.

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