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Ronnie and Caro Throw "Shades"

Before I get to chatting about Ronnie and Caro's costumes for 2018, I want to applaud them for their diversity. They have been the only band so far this year to infuse a good mix of skin tones to model their costumes. It's sad that I have to make light of this in 2017. The Caribbean has a unique melting pot of ethnicities and it would be nice to see more of this reflecting in the model casting for these presentations. SHEESH!

Moving on! Ronnie and Caro's presentation for 2018 titled "Life's Checkered Board" is quite unique as they play on Shakespeare's quote "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." Their designs are a little bit of a departure from recent carnival trends but in a good way! I am particularly fond of their fancy Indian section "Fight to the Finish" the bold colors are quite captivating. I also found the "Pawns" section is also quite beautiful! Overall, their presentation is very nice and I've noticed plenty of R & C loyalist champing at the bit to register. I can't wait to see them on the road in 2018.

To view more of Ronnie and Caro's presentation please visit http://ronnieandcaro.com/

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