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Passion Makes Perfect

Oh Passion how I love thee! I so appreciate that Passion kept the number of sections to a minimum. They have seven sections, which I think is the perfect amount--not too big. Now, it's not that I have a thing against big bands, but I do have a problem with bands that are huge and have costumes that look alike. From a masquerader perspective it just gets confusing when you have five cobalt blue sections.

At any rate, Passion's presentation for 2018 titled "Pandora" is a beautiful collection of jeweled colored costumes. My favorite sections are Thymos designed by Avinash Singh and Jayson Maharaj and Zilevo designed by Christian Boucaud. I'm wearing one of them to the Met Gala next year and I will not be judged!

Passion's presentation is making my decision so hard for 2018. I can't wait to see or perhaps play with Passion in 2018. To see the rest of Passion's presentation, please visit: https://www.passioncarnival.com/

Photographs are courtesy of Keevan Chang https://www.instagram.com/herrostudio/

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