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There is something about YUMA that is so unforgettable! Every year they bring at least one design that makes you say "de costume wicked." Their 2018 presentation titled "Fatal Attraction" did not disappoint and I must say they are in the top three bands that I look forward to seeing every year. Their costumes just speak to me- they are sexy, ultramodern, and ingenious.

There are 14 sections in all, one section, Y-Varsity is reserved for 18-25 year-olds or tertiary student masqueraders. I love this because I remember being in undergrad and grad school living for the student discount! Still, so many of the designs are so spectacular that I can't decided which to include in my top costume picks video for 2018. Let's start with the Menage a Trois section, a trio of costumes designed by Crystal Aming. Masqueraders have their choice of red, orange, or a green costume designed with a fringed bodice and rhinestone epaulettes. Another favorite of mine is Vanity designed by Marie Collette. This costume has so much going on-tassels, bolero, body harness, the amount of detail is just exquisite. The color combination is also very pretty, the neon and jewel tones just work together.

Furthermore, the frontline version of Erotika, designed by Keisha Als is also gorgeous. The feather work is simply breathtaking, I have a thing for peacock feathers so I might be partial but you can't go wrong with a peacock feather cape. Blow is another section that I adore-it was designed by David Dewer. There is a great balance between the white ostrich feathers and the pheasant feathers. I love the beaded body harness for the section as well. I can see myself in this costume for sure!

I could on and on as there are a few other sections that are beautifully design. Just when I thought I had settled on a band for 2018 Yuma launched and now I'm confused. I can't wait to see YUMA or the road or perhaps play with them in 2018. You can see the costumes mentioned down below and also visit their website to view the rest at http://yumavibe.com/

All photographs are courtesy of Ikenna Douglas



Y Varsity

Y Varsity



Menage a Trois

Menage a Trois

Menage a Trois

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