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Living Lush with Xaymaca

It's the second year for Xaymaca International and designers did not disappoint! Shawn Dhanraj's "Stone Gold" frontline version was without a doubt was a show-stopper at the launch and my favorite section from their presentation titled "Luxe." There are 14 section in all including a T-shirt section, notable designers such as Keisha Als, Valmiki Maharaj, Tracey Boyce, Rhion Romany, Sherise Stewart, and Denyque all contributed to the presentation. One thing to note is that the band has about double the sections compared to the year prior. I have to say that I am very impressed with the fact that they were able to stream the launch live with very clear reception. They posted pictures of each section to social media almost immediately after the costumes were presented at the launch. Their website is also live! If other bands need guidance on how it should be done, take notes from Xaymaca. Pictured below are a few of my favorites...

For information on registration, please visit www.xaymacainternational.com All photographs are courtesy of Courtney Chen.

Stone Gold by Shawn Dhanraj

Emerald Lush by Rhion Romany

Red Beryl by Sherise Stewart

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