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Xodus Is Full of Vibes

November 27, 2017

I can't even front about how excited I was to finally see the 2018 presentation from Xodus Carnival. If you viewed my "Trinidad Carnival 2018 Top Costume Picks" video, you know that I am a big fan of David Dewer and Marie Collette's designs and they are part of the design team for Xodus this year. Their presentation includes 12 gorgeous sections by the previously mentioned designers as well as Solange Govia, Shanel Gomes, Bonnie Lee, J. Angelique, and Simone Michelle (MISIM)-they are also offering a T-shirt section!


My favorite sections from their presentation titled "League of Angels" are Aurora (designed by Shanel Gomes) and Viktoria (designed by David Dewer). I really like the pastel and neon hues used in most of the designs as well as the fact that they have TWO black sections! 


If you decide to play mas with Xodus it is important to note that all of the sections are not listed under the costumes hyperlink. Royal Child of Heaven, Seraphina, Noir, Gabriel and Lilith all have separate hyperlinks. 


To view the rest of of the Xodus presentation, please visit https://xoduscarnival.com/


Photography is courtesy of Ikenna Douglas www.idouglasphoto.com


 Aurora by Shanel Gomes


  Viktoria by David Dewer







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The Lost Tribe Review

April 9, 2019

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