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Sugar Daddy Wanted

Wanted: Sugar Daddy wanted to fund all carnival related expenses including airfare, baggage costs (imma be overweight), driver, costume, fetes, hotel, food, makeup, weave, lashes, nails, waxing, and wardrobe. No sexual favors in exchange for carnival funding. All funding should be sent via Cash App. Depending on my mood, I might give you a wine but don't expect anything more.

Meanwhile, it's that magical time of the year when bands start launching and Trinidad carnival goers begin the task of planning their carnival trip. Hopefully, by now many of you who plan to attend have purchased your airfare, if you haven't you should probably do so by October. Prices usually go way up after that! So far, most of the more notable bands have launched, The Tribe conglomerate, Paparazzi, Ronnie & Caro, YUMA, etc. There are a few more left that usually have pretty offerings like Fantasy and Entice, nevertheless, I started narrowing down my options for 2019.

When deciding on which band to play with I usually take three things into account 1) costume design, 2) band vibes, and 3) price, in that order. However, it seems like these backline prices have increased $100 - $200 since my last trip home. I mean seriously, what the hell is going on with these prices? I'm not going to call out individual bands, but $792 for a backline costume without one damn feather! Really? Let's not even talk about these frontlines that have been priced higher than my mortgage for a few years now.

Let me be very clear, I'm a working woman that lives a comfortable life. Still, I think the prices of these costumes are way out of control. As I am blogging, I'm thinking of all the things I can purchase for the same cost as a frontline costume. A Louis Vuitton NeverFull Tote, that I can use for more than two days. I can do an all-inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic for four nights, a can buy a MacBook Pro that will last a few years. These price hikes are not just unique to Trinidad. I've been looking for a band to play mas with in Miami and I'm experiencing the same thing. $400 - 500 for a backline costume to chip around a stadium for a few hours...nah.

Is carnival just for the elite? It seems that playing mas with a premium band is a luxury these days. I think that bands need to revisit their business models to make carnival an experience that is more affordable for all.

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