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Soca Brainwash Review

Location: SBW was held at the Fatima College Grounds which was almost perfect considering the size of the crowd. If you haven't been there for a fete before it is

basically an open field. I will say that the "troll" bridge they had us cross freaked me out a little bit. I was walking and holding onto the rails picturing a scenario where the bottom fell and I was holding on for dear life. 

Level Vibes: I give SBW a solid 3.5/5! I had my own personal drama going on at the party so my assessment is a little skewed because of that. Still, the food was good, there were ample food stations and so many options to choose from. The bars were well stocked and the Heneiken Cooler room was a nice touch! 

I enjoyed the sets, most notable for me was Back-2-Basics and their ode to the Black Panther Movement. The Tribute Stage was also a nice touch.

I can appreciate all the photo props that were staged around the event grounds, it gave patrons plenty of photo ops. The 70's theme was a good call, the outfits, 70's tunes, and disco ball were so much fun!

Things I didn't enjoy-why: The one thing that I heard plenty people complain about, including my friends, who reached before I did, was that the gates didn't open on time. Apparently, there was also some issue with the scanners. Not a good way to kick off an event but things happen.

Another issue I had, that the SBW decision makers have to address, is the ticket vendor. I spent hours in a queue online trying to get a ticket #ridiculous. I ended up getting a ticket from a reseller. 

Moreover, there was also some mishap with one of the props located in a cool down area. Apparently, the wall fell over--I hope no one was hurt.

If you had a chance to go back next year would you? SBW is a staple party, I can't think of any other events in that time block that I would rather go to. Still, every year there are more and more parties added so  anything is possible.

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