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The Lost Tribe Review

I left Trinidad in 2000 to pursue my college education. At that time there was no Tribe, far less Lost Tribe, YUMA or Paparazzi et tal. My sister had played with Paparazzi last year and had a fantastic time. But I also said I had to LOVE a costume before committing. I saw Royals in Paparazzi and fell in heavy like mode, and I was impressed

with Paparazzi’s website etc. And then Tribe started to advertise for Festivals of the Bands. Lost Tribe revealed their theme, and Peter Elias was designing a section! I was floored. During the media launch Soowan Bramble modeled Mumtaz section. I was hooked, and then I saw my section, Dastkaar. I was in LOVE!!! My sister decided to play with Lost Tribe because of me (Love her for that!). Registration was smooth, reached out to a committee member via Facebook and got my link. I of course registered in Dastkaar, my sister in Shamaa.

Communication with the band was phenomenal, Val Maharaj is a doll! I missed my pick-up day on Tuesday, but I flew into Trinidad the next day which was also my sister’s collection day. We headed to One Woodbrook Place, and things were a little hairy. Collection seemed long, and chaotic. My section leader was there, and he put

aside a goodie bag for me and other treats! My sister got the wrong bra, and they wanted to give her a hard time about it after she paid $250 for it! They eventually got their lives together and got her bra!

Thankfully the vibes on the road made up for the collection fiasco. We crossed every stage and won Large Band of the Year! 4 out of 5 stars

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