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I don't use much #makeup on a daily basis but my #beauty routine must have is #lipgloss. I have lip gloss 💄 literally everywhere, in my car, in my desk, purse, my other purse, night-stand. I am a self-declared lippie fanatic💋. I recently had the pleasure of adding #FaithfullyTrueCosmeticsglosses to my arsenal and I was floored! Not only are these glosses #vegan 🌿but they last for hours. I applied once in the morning🌅 and it stayed on ALL day, unheard of right?! I thought maybe it was just me but when I used it the second time-same thing. The best thing about it is that my lips felt really soft the next morning. I also love the fact that the glosses aren't super sticky, you know the types that make your hair stick to your lip? I highly recommended giving these glosses a try, both versions of the glosses are the BOMB but I love a lip wand. It makes me feel extra princess-like👸🏾And these prices 💰, whew Chile ! The Lip wand is $10 and Tube Cost $5.


See the full line of glosses by visiting https://www.faithfullytruecosmetics.com/

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